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Now available for comment: Steering Committee proposal and revised mission statement

At the January meeting, the attendees agreed to form an Organizing Committee to review the current mission of MHCC and make suggestions for the Collaborative’s future. The resulting work of the Committee is now available for review and comment:

MHCC Steering Committee Proposal and Revised Mission Statement (opens as a .pdf)

The biggest suggested change is the formation of a Steering Committee, which will be composed of a Chair, Outreach coordinator, Meetings coordinator, and Secretary/Website editor. Please review the document and submit any suggestions, comments, or questions through the form below or using the comment function on this blog post. You may also contact the Organizing Committee members directly if you prefer. The deadline for comments is Friday May 23. The Committee will then review your feedback, make adjustments as necessary, and submit the final document for a vote on May 30. The results will be discussed at the June 17th meeting at Goucher College.

MHCC Organizing Committee
Anna Clarkson
Eben Dennis
Amy Federman
Siobahn Hagan
Lindsey Loeper
Kelly Spring
Jordon Steele
Kristen Welzenbach


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